1. What is going on here?

What we do and what is going on is, we buy vehicle's from write off auction, So somebody was driving there vehicle and got into a collision, if they did not get into a collision they would still be driving there vehicle, And we know why and whom we are getting it from, it is not somebody's piece of crap miled out vehicle, We go looking for problems, so first is damage from the accident, then for example an engine we would make sure they do not have noise or blowby, smoke. For a transmission we are looking for burnt fluid, Gears you are looking that they are not blue, (So they did not get hot) We are looking if the gear's are beveled and flat on top. Basicily we do the best we can and the warranty is in case something between us and your mechanic missed something. If there is a problem we do not pay labour we get you an exchange item of equal or lesser value. Your bussiness is appreciated, we will do everything in our power to make our relationship mutually beneficial.

2. How can I pay for my parts?

We accept VISA, MASTERCARD Credit cards & debt online thru paypal. If you have a U.S account you an also finace thru paypal. Apon request we can send our online order fourm with quote attached.

2. What if I do NOT have a Credit card?

For Canadian customers E-Mail transfer information is Linallen2day@gmail.com. You would Attach your order number that you get from your salesman as the question and can simply call in 20 - 30 minutes later and ask for salesman or any body whom answers the phone with your order number and accounting will have the payment attached to your order. Once we recieve your E-Transfer you will get a message from your bank that we have recieved the payment. If you pref. direct contact accounting e-mail is linallen@haveparts.com. 

If you are unable to do either of these methods please contact us we will find a payment solution your money is good with us.

3. WARRANTY ON PARTS: All parts are warranted for generally 100 Day's, Unlimited mileage ,Normal "Wear & Tear" excepted. Items
that do normally wear, brake rotors, pads, filters, etc are covered for product defect. There are NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, OF

Allensautoparts makes NO representation or promise with respect to the quality or the anticipated performance of this equipment.  Further,Allensautoparts shall NOT be responsible for any
consequential, incidental, or contingent damages, or costs incurred of any kind whatsoever, including, but not limited to, the costs incurred directly or indirectly in relation to goods sold by Allensautoparts.

4. PRICES..........We always strive to offer you the LOWEST Price on your parts. By buying from people that under stand you need to make or save your money for us to stay in bussiness.

Your bussiness is appreciated, we will do everything in our power to make our relationship mutually beneficial. You will SAVE $$$ with Allensautoparts.

5. What happens if I order the WRONG PART?

If you order the wrong part it will be your obligation to call or email us to obtain a Return Authorization # to return/exchange the part. There
is a up to 50% restocking fee plus you are responsible for return shipping costs.
DO NOT RETURN PARTS WITHOUT RMA#. They will be refused. There is a 30 day
time limit on returns. After 30 days all sales are final. All parts MUST be
returned in the same original box as received. NO RETURNS on any Electrical
component or SPECIAL ORDER items for ANY REASON.

6. What happens if I order the RIGHT part, but am shipped the WRONG part?

If we error.....  Kindly call our Toll Free 1-800-236-5991 we will
promptly correct the mistake and reship the correct part at no additional
cost to you, we Love you very sorry not on purpose. We will need you to return the incorrect part using the
required RMA# Provided when calling. If you ship the parts back at your
expense we will reimburse those costs, OR we may issue a CALL-TAG to
return.......our option.

7. What is a "CORE" Charge?

A CORE Deposit is usually added to a rebuilt or re-manufacturered product. This Deposit is generally added to Alternators, Starters, Power Steering pumps,
Driveshafts etc. The respective rebuilders ADD this charge to Insure that they receive a rebuildable part back to continue the process.  We ADD the
core charge to products so designated on our catalog. It works like this.............We send you the part and ADD the CORE Deposit to your
bill. You install the part remembering to keep the original box it came in... (VERY IMPORTANT) Then you "Return" the Core after receiving a CORE
RETURN AUTHORIZATION by calling our Toll Free 800 #. Always have your purchase date and original invoice number ready when calling. You then
Return the CORE at your expense to the address we provide you. When the CORE "Clears" the rebuilder and is accepted as REBUILDABLE they credit us,
and we in turn credit your credit card. The FINAL arbiter of rebuildability and refund of CORE Deposit rests with the rebuilder. Allensautoparts assumes no liability in regard to decisions made by rebuilders.  There decisions are FINAL. If the part you return is NOT acceptable to
rebuilder as "rebuildable" there is NO Return of deposit.There is a 45 day Time limit on CORE returns. No refunds after 45 days.

8. What happens if I simply decide I do not want the parts I ordered?

No Problem. We request such returns be made within 7 days of receipt.  Because we sell parts at "wholesale" prices WE MUST CHARGE A 15%
"Re-Stocking" fee on these returns, plus you are responsible for freight both ways. We will issue a refund to the creditcard you used, or issue
Store Credit for future purchases. Parts must be UNUSED, not installed for "Testing" purposes and be in original Factory Carton. NO RETURNS For any
reason on Electrical Components or SPECIAL ORDER items.

9. What if I receive a "Damaged " Box?

You must Immediately contact the respective shipping company

UPS Packages 1-800-742-5877 Federal Express 1-800-463-3339 AirBorne Express 1-800-247- 2676
They are solely liable for shipping damages. Explain to them the nature of the problem or damage, give them your name, address, and the TRACKING #
from the box. They will advise you on the claim procedure. Get the DAMAGE CONTROL # the date/time & the name or ID # of the person you talk with from
the carrier. Then, call our customer support to notify us. We will then work with you to exchange/replace affected parts. You may be required to purchase a 2nd part and wait for refund from carrier.

10. Do we ship Internationally? YES....but you cannot order electronically online @ this time. To order parts for shipment OUTSIDE the United States
you will need to complete the order form but not transmit electronically. You will need to PRINTOUT your order form and then FAX it to our offices
001-915-599-8782. We will fulfill your order and ship via US postal Airmail (4-7 days) most parts of the world, or FEDERAL EXPRESS 2-3 days.

11. BACKORDERS There are NO Backorders. If the inventory screen shows "0" quantity we are temporarily "Out of Stock". You may contact our offices via
E-Mail @ sales@haveparts.com. We have alternate sources not connected to online ordering system to find the parts you need.

12. "PART NOT FOUND" If you receive this message after entering a part number or inquiry this means we do not stock that particular part in the
computerized system. You may complete this form. We'll check our other sources and get back to you.