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OK yeah that sounds great but you're an Auto Wrecker, Right? I got a couple questions.


Q. When viewing the website link from this page, is the mileage shown Miles or KM?

A. This part shows mileage in U.S Miles. We take pictures of the speedometers, when possible, and our sales team can confirm the conversion to KPH. Any parts we show on are listed in Kilometers.


Q. What Warranties do you offer?

A. All parts carry a 100-day base exchange warranty. 6-Month and 1-year extended warranties are available at an additional cost. So, the max warranty we do is 465 days.

Q. How do I get my parts, do I have to pick them up?

A. Any parts you purchase from us are either shipped directly, to your mechanic, house or can be picked up at the freight depot near you. (call for pick up)

Q. I'm not sure I have time to meet the driver? (Calgary deliverys only)

A. No problem! We know that if you are looking for parts you are already dealing with a nightmare, We can even set as a deliver to mobile mechanic style delivery. They can call ahead and can meet you during break or lunch etc.

Q. How do you unload a large item?

A. A Power tailgate would be required, and we offer it Free in the Calgary area. Additional cost outside of Calgary. Ask for details

Q. What is the cost of delivery? (Free Calgary area delivery only)

A. Free Delivery in the Greater Calgary area! Our delivery drivers have mobile Debt / Visa machines. You can look at any in stock parts before you pay @ delivery. Special order items must be paid in advance.

Q. How long does delivery take in Calgary?

A. Our trucks leave @ 10:30 am into Calgary all week days. Parts that are not ready by 10:30am would be delivered the next day.

Q. What if I'm not in Calgary?

A. Our shipping department can take care of any and all parts we sell. Parts & Engines ship daily Get a rate today!

Q. Can I come see the vehicle?

A. If you click the website link and select a part you can see this vehicle's profile, In total we take about 100 pictures of most our vehicles.

Q. Where is your office?

A. You can come visit us @ our office if you please, The facility is 1 Hour from Calgary Located @ the Corner of HWY 9 & Township RD 274 in the Town of Irricana.

Q. I Still Want to come see the vehicle?

A. Unfortunately, you will not be able to view the vehicle in person we are not (Licensed / Equipped / Insured) to allow the general public access, To our yard. This is not how we operate, You can see the parts first before you buy if they are in stock. We would need to know that as long as the parts are in good condition you want to buy them, we would need to prepare the parts before your arrival, This takes usually a 24 Hour period due to our volumes and the actual size of the facility. We have capacity to hold over 3000 Cars. A small item would take 45 minutes drive to the facility, Once @ the facility the yard takes 2-3 hours to cover due to its size, hence why we have to operate the way we do.

Q. I see the part in the picture but when I call the sales team said do not have?
A. The pictures are taken when the vehicle arrives, We do not take a new picture every time a part is sold. If this listing is up, then we have this vehicle. Just maybe not that part right now. Check weekly.

Q. What if there is something I need that you have not listed?
A. Most likely means they are not parts we usually sell, Either they are not inventoried or have no interchange. Worth a call to ask. We want to help you, and at very least will be able to tell you who on our system shows your parts in stock. If you would rather you can fill out our special order form. Located here

Q. How do I do a return?

A. Call in with the Invoice / Order # or Phone # that we have on file, And we will issue an RMA. If you are in Calgary we will have the part picked up. If the part is wrong or no good and we do not have another one a refund is issued the way you paid. If the part is good and is correct and is just not needed there would be 20 Percent restocking fee, freight charges. If you are out of Calgary please call for assistance. You can also schedule a return by emailing

Q. Still no?

A. Check back weekly often things change daily. Thousands of vehicles enter the system daily.

Let us know if there is any thing we can do to help you get your vehicle back on the road!


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